World Premiere: FBdN’s 072709

This one could probably use more work, but sometimes you have to just let it rip.

The novelty for me here was hooking up my Boss ME-50 multi-effects pedal to the Yamaha keyboard. That made for some fun, I-wish-I-was-Matt-Holford style noodling. The Yamaha comes out pretty faint in this project, but it’s there. Oh yes, it’s there.

Boss with Yamaha

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4 thoughts on “World Premiere: FBdN’s 072709”

  1. Thanks, gents.

    Holy shit, Trey is absolutely lighting it up on this Pandora track (You Enjoy Myself, NYE 1995). Unbelievable. I wonder if he’s still got that stuff in him. I think he does, but this shit is crackling.

  2. Hopefully, my two week bachelor stint will lead to some microbloggy goodness.

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